Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Social OOMPH

I cannot believe the sort of banal things that get comments and likes on Facebook! I'm hoping it's because my friends have got so many friends that my posts are getting lost in their news feeds, and not because they're ignoring me.

I realise that one of the problems could be that I go online and tweet or post status updates intensely for a couple of hours then leave it for ages. Not everyone is online at the same time, and just judging by the length of my own News Feed, and the length of my TweetDeck columns, and given that I've only just started, it's obvious that you have to catch people at the right time. However, at the moment I have no way of predicting that. The most sensible thing to do is to stagger my activity and post regularly but with intervals. But this is quite demanding, and would involve me sitting in front of a computer, or on my phone all day long. So that's when I go searching for some kind of program which will allow me to throw a load of posts to Twitter et al but post them later automatically, at regular intervals.

What I need I discover is called a drip, or 'auto-drip' feature. There are plenty of applications which allow you to schedule your posts to a specific later time and date, but a 'drip' feature would allow you to set up a load of posts in a queue, and 'drip' them through at an interval you specify. Then, if you want to add more posts, you simply add them to the end of the queue - no need to select a specific time and date. Unfortunately there are very few that seem to be able to do this. OR they do it from blogs only.

SocialOomph allows you to 'drip-feed' tweets and Facebook status updates, among other things

SocialOomph is one application that will do this, and does it perfectly, with customisable multiple queues (they call them reservoirs) and you can set different interval times for each. It will even email you when a reservoir runs dry. But unfortunately only in it's paid version, SocialOomph Professional - although you do get a free 7-day trial. I might just sign up for that.

SHOCK: My favourite is a friend of mine who posted a smiley face :) ... they got loads of replies! This just goes to show that your interaction is dictated by the affinity your online friends feel for you, not so much on the content you post!

LANDMARK #3: Got my first potentially nasty comment on Facebook! :) It was in German, that's why I say potentially. Also, got a MENTION on Twitter! But it turned out to be spam (again) :(

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